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eunhyuk's Journal

『playing for keeps』


Heeyoung (26), lives from day to day with high hopes for the future. Resides in Seoul, South Korea for the time being but is more than unsure as to what the coming months may bring. Generally does her best at accepting changes and unexpected occurrences in life, but can't help but worry and whine with the anxious old lady part remains embedded in her heart. Very much so a child at heart with games and music capturing the majority of her attention. Has adopted very strange paranoias over the years and gives into these fears far too easily. Holds many insecurities close to her soul and therefore is often too afraid to be forward.


Many think she appears cold and indifferent at first, but after close examination, her heart flows full of love for those she loves. Loves and trusts easily, but of course is hurt just as quickly. You can touch her with just a simple gesture and melt her anger with a sincere apology. Important to always be around those who make her feel loved, holds a tendency to close up the moment she feels uncomfortable.


& is not entertaining any more requests to add people (unless of course I already know you). Realizations that her attention span is only so big is becoming apparent and wishes to give utmost care for the friends she has now. Has a general tendency to post nonsense frequently. Mostly focused around fandom related material, but will often fall into moods of posting vague and unreadable depressing entries. If you don't know her already, it isn't necessarily recommended that you want to know here anyhow.


Enjoys and will give pretty much anything a chance. Rather than just a hobby, music and the music culture has become a way of life.

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